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♥ No 87 : Otoemon 2005.06.03

here at MF

Some how , there's 2 download times though I haven't post the link anywhere yet ^^;;

/random/ I love my new Friends-olny banner XDlilyhong </div>
Big big CapCollapse )


Credit : orzrp GB , and me for cutting it XD

Btw, more Weekly V.West epis are posted in MK forum .


Love triangleCollapse )

Edit : Do you remember the anime "Nintama Rantaro"? After "Oh!Enka" , the ending theme song for it is "Ai ni Mukatte"

♥ No 63 : Crazy World

Someone somewhere will go after me with a knife for this .

♥ No-35 :Sweet twenty !!!

Happy birthday to Uchi .

credit : NeNei at Prettyboys Forum


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