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I'm a fan of Uchi Hiroki <3 , Uchi , Hiroki , Uchi-kun , Hiro-kun , Hiro-chan ...  and Kanjani8

Comment to be added (please make sure you're not Ryoda fan or lj-cut hater before comment)

W-inds in Vietnam part2

        OMG HCM fans are sooooooo unlucky T_T Compare to HaNoi fans who can get autograph, photograph, can touch and hug them, we got none :(( Security is so tight. Bunch of polices at the gate. And all we can see the the W-inds car run pass us in 5 secs. And they will fight back to Japan in midnight T__T Why?!!!!
        The plan welcome them here also failed. It rained hard yesterday. And they got right to the car after get out of the plane. Fan who came said that they wait 2~3 hours, endure cold rain and tireness, waiting in vain T_T
        Back to the concert. My seat at first is at the middle of the first row in 2nd floor. It liked a dream came true, if there's NOT two huge projectors blooking my view @_@ And I kicked back into 5th row, to the left in 2nd floor. OMG. I can't even see their faces.
    I can't really enjoy much from the show, since around me are OLD Japanese men and women. a;dslkfja I should had switch place to where W-inds fan are. And my camera run out of disk space when W-inds go out and sing. I hate myself so much.
        At least, at the very last, they wave hands to audience, and I unconsciously wave back like mad. A precious moment where I can enjoy being a fangirl ^o^


W-inds in Vietnam

For the "Japan & Vietnam friendship music festival"
... though they just sang two songs :(

It aired live in VTV1 channel so I recode some
But I miss recording full first minute of Ame Ato T_____T
I'm gonna see them sang these song LIVE in Monday :D
Yay yay yay.
I'll print out lyrics and sing with them *fangirl alert* muahaha

Btw, their plane will land here in HCM Sunday 3.00am. haha, should I go?
I have project deadline on Monday yet still done nothing about it T__T

Edit: Shiki video
Ame Ato video

Hate No. 129 . Out

I should stop crying , but tears just don't stop coming .
Crying over this is stupid .
I know not all Kanjani'8 fans like Uchi , but the feeling being left out is too much to handle .

Does anyone know how to delete your account in forum ?

copyright ? WTH

1. I can't believe that some one report songs I upload in imeem as copyright violated
Is this some kind of revenge or sth ?

2. I found a bunch of KBs subbed clips being uploaded in Youtube , CrunchyRoll & Veoh :angry:
Can't they follow the "Do not upload our files on streaming sites" rules ?

♥ No 100 : Obsession

(click at the picture for better view)

Special thanks to marcasitevah for telling me where ^o^

OMG , I'm surposed to study for tommorw exam now .
But , oh dear , I have no mood for it .
(Exam << K8)
I'm in heaven

... with Ryo & Uchi
(though I bet they're at hotel room now , doing all lovey-dovey we fangirl could think of)
No , this should be
xnow . Uchi is too manly to be in bottom .
(hope the rest members let those two alone for a while)

(You're welcome to post this in your journal , if you want to .
Good things like this doesn't happen everyday XD )

♥ No 94 : Only CD ?

Eh , I don't know what to do with this kind of news :

The soundtrack CD of PLAYZONE2007 Change2Chance will be release in 2007.09.05

¥ 2,500 just for a CD ? You gotta be kidding me . Why not DVD ? ToT
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